Matt Buffington heads up this expedition along with his trusted blogger Nif (Jennifer Minnick ).

Matt’s patron is the USDA Systematic Entomology Lab at the Smithsonian Institution where knights in shining armor seek out unknown species of insects from around the world and bestow upon them Latin names.

Blogger Nif has inhabited the land of NYC for many years, where she has learned to speak their languages, and is facile of blog, mapping, and twittering. Together, armed only with cell phones and a high speed Internet connection, they will traverse the Island called Manhattan by bicycle listening for the quiet folk who continue to call and whisper at night from trees and the grasses of that island.

With Natural History there is no need to go to the moon or Madagascar; there is more to find in your woodlot than in our entire solar system.” 
Cricket Crawl NYC organizer Sam Droege


One response to “About

  1. I would love to do a Cricket Crawl in Washington DC!

    Driving through Rock Creek Park two nights ago I heard katydids, but where I live on Capitol Hill no such luck.

    I cannot go through another fall without falling asleep to the sound of a katydid!

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