Matt’s Interview with Adam Phillips – VOA

Adam Phillips from the VOA “Our World” program has given us the raw version of his interview with urban cricket explorer* Matt Buffington.  They met up in Madison Square Park last night and hung out listing to urban songsters – both animal and human.

The interview will be aired worldwide Friday & Saturday, September 18th  & 19th 2009 on Our World.  Check it out!!!!

Adam Phillip’s interview with cricket hunter Matthew Buffington (raw)

*Matt is actually a temporary cricket explorer.  His heart lies in the somewhat large world of Hymenoptera (wasps, bees, and ants) focusing on tiny parasitic wasps of which there are so many species that they haven’t actually classified them all yet. (And you thought all that stuff about still discovering new species was hype.  Not true, and about 50% of all new species discovered are insects.)

Hopefully, Matt will find some amazing wasp related agricultural discovery and rocket to unknown heights of entomological fame.


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