Update 12 – Battery Park (with the rats)

Received 9:55 pm

I have recorded here Greater and Lesser Angle Katydids and the Fall field Cricket. I’ve also observed 3 or 4 individual rats – that would be Rattus rattus, I believe, I don’t know if there is a sub-species around here. Particularly quiet park, again, next to the water helps a great deal, not a lot of buildings are, not a lot of people either. This place was really busy today and now it’s completely devoid of people. Oh, there’s another rat. Boy, they’re fast. They take over where the squirrels leave off at night.


One response to “Update 12 – Battery Park (with the rats)

  1. We were in Battery Park ~11:30 pm, we heard the GKA and FC but don’t think we got the LAK; maybe due to inexperience. Couldn’t miss the rats!

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