Update 5 – Madison Square Park

Received 8:58pm

There are a number of things up in the trees that I’m classifying as the Ground Cricket they’re probably tree crickets but there too much ambient noise here but the katydids come through.  They have a certain pitch to them, the ground crickets however just have this general sound that is hard to distinguish between individuals.

My last report cut off…

When I finished at the High Line there were a couple of people on bikes who were asking the custodian of the High Line if insects were placed actually in the garden up there to get the so called natural effect. They had seen a preying mantis and a number of large moths and they were concerned that they were placed there artificially …insects can migrate there on their own.  I asked them if they had heard anything and they said “cricket” and I said “Ok that’s good ‘cuz that’s what I’m listening for and I explained to them about the ability of insects to move around even in an urban environment.  They were quite interested then rode away.

  • Fall Field Cricket
  • Jumping Bush Cricket
  • Lesser Anglewing

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