Cricket Chomping

Just got back from a quick meet-up and bite to eat at Saigon Grill on the Upper Westside.  It was good to put faces to the names: Sam, Emily, Ken, John, Bonnie, Liz and a bunch more that I just met tonight.

Everyone’s pretty excited – this is a prototype project if you haven’t figured that out by now – and there is a lot going on.

The best part (besides of course meeting everyone) was EATING A CRICKET COOKIE.

Cricket Chip Cookie

Cricket Chip Cookie

After crunching into the cricket cookie we discussed our first insect eating experiences.  Matt’s was some sort of crunchy cayenne grasshopper while mine was a more mundane chocolate covered ant.   I had always thought that crickets, when bitten into, would gush out much like they look when they’ve been squished on the road.  But apparently, crickets are a lot like shrimp (and related in the whole taxonometric scheme of things) and much like the shrimp I just at for dinner, cricket will solidify when cooked.  I hearby coin the phrase for future marketing purposes when we exhaust all of our other protein options…

Enjoy some delicious crickets – Shrimp of the Earth.


2 responses to “Cricket Chomping

  1. So jealous! I’m working tonight, and want to go a-cricketing.

    • I’m the at home cricketeer but Matt is having a blast so far from what I can tell from the updates – they’ll be up in a few minutes

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