Congregating in NYC

Cricket Hunters across the city are regrouping and getting ready for a night of roaming near and far.

The weather preditcted for this evening  is mid-60s, cloudy, and pretty humid.  The humidity gives the weather a nice mugginess (Disclosure: I grew up on the East coast and actually like humidity) and apparently, according to Sam Droge sound carries farther in humid weather so we’re set for a good evening of cricketeering.

OK – I love the internet.  It seems that crickets are used in lots of fun weather based experiments…

Matt is currently exploring the city on a heavy, old mountain bike and learning the fine skills of taxi dodging and door avoidance.

I am sitting at home, one of the few non-entomologists, making sure  that all systems are go on the Buffington Blog.  I’m going to try to update the map and Google Earth KML file (which are one and the same) with each one of Matt’s location calls – exciting manual, almost real-time mapping.

Are we all ready for an adventure?


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