Pulling the pieces together

Right now the site is in chaos state.  Got the blog set up yesterday but still have to do a lot in a few days.

  • Put the Cricket Crawl logo in the header with pretty much entails making a custom header in Photoshop with the logo by Melisa Beveridge.   That would at least make it look a little bit better.
  • Figure out what theme to use – maybe just stick with Kubrick ‘cuz it’s easy
  • Figure out what I can and can’t do in terms of mapping within WordPress.org
  • Figure out how many pages I need to add and get them populated
  • Set up Google docs spreadsheet to track counts
  • Add info about Matt Buffington – the expedition leader – to the about page
  • Add inot about me – the background blogger – to the about page
  • Add links and logos
  • And, and, and…

Non-blog related

  • Design a simple KML to track Matt’s locations throughout the night -probably going to used Excel for my placemark generation.
  • Check out how the KML works in Google Maps/Google Earth

I’m hoping that WordPress.com isn’t too limiting wrt getting maps and photos on the posts.


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